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Windy Faulkner
Union County School District Announces New Superintendent

We are so excited to announce Windy Faulkner as the new Superintendent. She will take over in July and brings a wealth of knowledge to the position. We are so exci ted for her and what she will bring to the district. We can’t wait to work with her to keep Union County at the top. We have a great school district and the board wants to thank all our employees for always going above and beyond in teaching our children and keeping them safe. Please join me in congratulating Windy on a well deserved promotion! Mickey Basil Union County School Board President

Tue Jan 17 01:44 PM

A District Banner
Union County School District receives an “A” rating as well as all four schools!

UCSD is ranked 4th in the state! Our schools ranked the top 4 of 83 non traditional schools! #UNCOmmon

Thu Sep 29 10:36 AM

meet the teacher
Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher is set for Tuesday, August 2nd at each school from 4:30 - 6:30 for Kindergarten - 6th graders.

Wed Jul 13 01:01 PM


A Rated District

Ingomar "A" Rated School


" Ingomar Attendance Center is proud to announce that we are an "A" rated school.  The accomplishment of being an "A" school is a testament to the continuous hard work of our students and staff.  The "A" symbolizes all the good vibes that are happening on our campus.  From a Positive school culture to a strong focus on safety, our students know they are loved and cared about. This accomplishment would not be possible without all of the family and community support in all facets of campus life!


Roben Denton, Principal